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Chapter 6: Snugcraft - a Rebranding

After a month on the road and taking the Shackventures out for a test spin around California and Arizona, I took a couple of months off staying in San Francisco Bay Area to re-brand and upgrade the tiny truck house.

Shackventures, while fun and whimsical, was too flippant for a purposeful brand. I wanted the new brand to embodied the spirit of creativity, simplicity and practicality. I came up with the name Snugcraft, which reflects a lot of Northern European sensibilities and designs.

A cozy space

In British terminology, a "snuggery" is a place of comfort and coziness. The Danish term "hygge" refers to the mood of safety and contentment. In Sweden, it's "lagom", which express the idea of having "just enough" that you can be comfortable and happy.

Snugcraft 1.0 - Hexayurt on the back of my pick up truck

When I first built the Snugcraft, it was a project for Burning Man 2016 with the intention of having maximum lounge in a small space that provides a cool and cozy place to sleep, with no set up time. The idea was to put a hexazurt on top of my truck and take that to the burn, already premade without having to assemble it in the dust of the playa. The following year I added more functionalities including cooking and washing areas, redwood sidings, windows, and a porch, still keeping the lounge space as a centralized focus of the build. Having a snug and comfy space was on my mind from the beginning.

More than just functionalities, the Snugcraft also acts as a vehicle of imagination and self expression, both literal and figurative. Craft refers to the act of creating and construction which allows me to explore my creativity and potential to express myself. Craft can also mean a literal vehicle that I drive around, inspiring conversations with people I meet on the road, opening minds to alternate living/traveling possibilities.

When it fits well, it feels good

An analogy of Snugcraft that I'd like to make is to crafting and wearing clothes. I like to wear clothing that fits me well and accentuate my personality. I don't like loosing myself in baggy clothes or feeling squeezed in tight clothes. When clothes fits me well and makes a statement about who I am, I feel confident and amazing, like I can move effortlessly anywhere without being self conscious. Having the ability to find and select clothes that accentuate and express oneself is definitely a gift. Having the ability to alter and craft one's own clothes and accessories elevates it to an art form.

For me, Snugcraft is about moving into that sweet spot, a balance between minimalist functionalities and self expression. Within this bubble of sweetness, it's cozy and comfy but not static and stifling with excessive weight. I can move freely, and feel safe and content at the same time. On top of that, there is a feeling empowerment that comes from crafting and creating my own living space. I don't have to settle for what's available on the market. I can customize everything to my liking. It is my intention to share with the world the Snugcraft sensibilities and practice, the idea that you can personally craft a happy, content, and fulfilled lifestyle with "just enough".