Meet the Snugcraft!

This is the Snugcraft!  I built it for Burning Man 2016 as an art project which quickly turned into a tiny home away from home during my travels across the United States.  It’s both functional and expressive, as it inspires conversations about the possibilities of alternative mobile living. The thing I love most about my creation is the big smiles I see on people’s faces as they see it cruising down the road.

Vehicle of Imagination

As I traveled the country, I average around 10 conversations a day at rest stops with people curious and inspired about the possibility of them traveling and living in a Snugcraft of their own.  I have people literally chasing me down from the highway into grocery parking lots just to take pictures with it.  


People would ask me: How much does it costs to make one? What’s inside? And how can they create one for themselves?  My answer: only $2000. It’s self sufficient with all the amenities of a small camper. And I will show people how to construct their own Snugcraft in a youtube video (This is my long term goal for the Snugcraft project).

Snugcraft Endorses Andrew Yang for President

Andrew Yang’s vision for America really resonates with me. His Freedom Dividend proposal and message of Humanity First totally align with the mission of the Snugcraft project, which is to inspire people to the possibility of alternative living that minimizes our carbon footprint.  With $1000 a month, Snugcraft is definitely a real possibility for many people, and in some cases a necessity.  


Andrew Yang points out that automation and AI are taking over jobs in the economy, and people will have to define their worth differently from being a cog in a machine. As an artist, dancer, hippie burner, I define my worth through the art that I create and share with people.  With the current GDP centric model of the economy, my art creations, human connections, and community building activities don’t count.      


The Freedom Dividend will give life, energy and value to my human centric work.

Andrew Yang is a “once in a lifetime” presidential candidate.  We need to do all we can to help get his message out and get him elected.  I'm showing support by posting Yang 2020 message banners on the Snugcraft to amplify Andrew Yang's message wherever I go.

Help Snugcraft Stay on the Road to Canvass for Yang

The Snugcraft can cover a lot more ground and quicker than a person walking the streets.  Because of it's uniqueness, it attracts a lot more attention than a car with a sticker.  It is more compact than a semi trailer, and can easily navigate narrow streets in suburban or city neighborhoods.

More than a mobile billboard, the Snugcraft can serve as a conversation starter.  I plan to serve coffee and tea from the back porch and talk to people about why I'm excited for an Andrew Yang presidency.   It's a great way to relate to people on a very personal level.  

You can help by pitching in for gas to keep the Snugcraft on the road to spread Yang's message.

$10 - your name listed as a contributor on the website
$25 - a digital postcard picture of the Snugcraft in various iconic locations across the country with accompanying text: "Made possible by.... (your name)"
$50 - a video (published to and youtube) of a person I meet on the road saying: "I have been yang ganged by (your name)" 
$100 - a video (published to and youtube) of an early state voter saying: "I have been yang ganged and am voting for Andrew, thanks to (your name)"

Thank you for your support!

For information, email